Siemens C.Cam

The Siemens C.Cam, a reclining dedicated cardiac gamma camera system enhances imaging accuracy and efficiency, while delivering a small footprint and improved patient comfort. The Siemens C.Cam's myocardial viability and perfusion capabilities will offer cardiologists increased diagnostic confidence, and the system's fully integrated software allows analysis of ejection fraction and wall motion.

Unique to the Siemens C.Cam system is a reclining chair that will provide increased patient comfort, thereby delivering improved image quality. Patients can sit back comfortably in the chair throughout the imaging procedure, decreasing the patients' fidgeting or movement. This reduces the presence of motion artifacts and improves diagnostic image quality. The reclining chair also provides easier access for patients with mobility challenges and increased comfort for those with arthritis or other painful conditions

The Siemens C.Cam also is a compact system that can fit into a variety of environments, including both hospital and cardiology offices. The 10-ft. by 10-ft. system footprint fits easily into most exam rooms.