Siemens ECAT Exact




The ECAT Exact scanner is the most widely used Siemens PET scanner. It is a whole-body system providing 2D and 3D volume measurements of metabolic and physiologic processes. The system consists of the ECAT Exact scanner, an integrated workstation, the 3D Advanced Computational System (ACS II), and a patient handling system. It is available as a three-ring system with a 16.2 cm (47 planes) field-of-view.


The Benefits of the ECAT Family

  • Leading Edge BGO Detector Technology with the highest resolution for accurate diagnosis
  • Proven Clinical Utility with true 3D acquisition and reconstruction for high efficiency
  • Retractable self-storing transmission rod sources increase throughput

The ECAT EXACT Configuration
The EXACT is the most widely used Siemens PET scanner. With more than 200 installations worldwide, the EXACT has proven to be the workhorse scanner in clinics as well as research institutions. The EXACT demonstrates excellent sensitivity and resolution performance combined with unmatched clinical imaging and high patient throughput.

This scanner consists of three full rings of detectors (144 detectors, 9,216 BGO crystals) and supports both 2D and 3D acquisition modes.

The EXACT includes an unmatched patient handling system, designed expressly to minimize attenuation and to optimize whole-body scanning with a 195cm patient scanning coverage.
ECATĀ® is a registered trademark of CPS, Inc.

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