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The Siemens C.Cam, a reclining dedicated cardiac gamma camera system enhances imaging accuracy and efficiency, while delivering a small footprint and improved patient comfort. The Siemens C.Cam's myocardial viability and perfusion capabilities will offer cardiologists increased diagnostic confidence, and the system's fully integrated software allows analysis of ejection fraction and wall motion.

Unique to the Siemens C.Cam system is a reclining chair that will provide increased patient comfort, thereby delivering improved image quality. Patients can sit back comfortably in the chair throughout the imaging procedure, decreasing the patients' fidgeting or movement. This reduces the presence of motion artifacts and improves diagnostic image quality. The reclining chair also provides easier access for patients with mobility challenges and increased comfort for those with arthritis or other painful conditions

The Siemens C.Cam also is a compact system that can fit into a variety of environments, including both hospital and cardiology offices. The 10-ft. by 10-ft. system footprint fits easily into most exam rooms.


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Siemens ECAT Accel http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/petct-scanners/item/11-siemens-ecat-accel.html http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/petct-scanners/item/11-siemens-ecat-accel.html


Known as the powerhouse in positron emission tomography (PET), the Siemens ECAT ACCEL diagnostic imaging scanner raises productivity and image quality to a new standard. ECAT ACCEL reduces whole body PET scanning time by half, while maintaining superb image quality in both oncology and cardiology applications. The reduced scanning time increases clinical efficiency, cost-effectiveness, image quality, and patient throughput and comfort levels.

Key features of the ECAT ACCEL include:

  • High count rate performance
  • Isotropic image resolution for outstanding image quality
  • Single pass whole body scanning with attenuation correction
  • Enhanced patient comfort with superior system ergonomics

The ECAT ACCEL can also be used for the diagnosis, initial staging or restaging of:

  • Lung Cancer  
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Esophageal
  • Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Thyroid

Additionally, the ECAT ACCEL can be used for:

  • Evaluation of treatment response for breast cancer
  • Evaluation of a single pulmonary nodule
  • Pre-surgical evaluation of refractory seizures
  • Initial study of myocardial viability prior to revascularization
  • Myocardial viability following inconclusive SPECT
  • (single projection emitted computed tomography)


Equipment as described by Providence St Joseph’s Hospital, Burbank, CA

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Siemens ECAT Exact http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/petct-scanners/item/10-siemens-ecat-exact.html http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/petct-scanners/item/10-siemens-ecat-exact.html




The ECAT Exact scanner is the most widely used Siemens PET scanner. It is a whole-body system providing 2D and 3D volume measurements of metabolic and physiologic processes. The system consists of the ECAT Exact scanner, an integrated workstation, the 3D Advanced Computational System (ACS II), and a patient handling system. It is available as a three-ring system with a 16.2 cm (47 planes) field-of-view.


The Benefits of the ECAT Family

  • Leading Edge BGO Detector Technology with the highest resolution for accurate diagnosis
  • Proven Clinical Utility with true 3D acquisition and reconstruction for high efficiency
  • Retractable self-storing transmission rod sources increase throughput

The ECAT EXACT Configuration
The EXACT is the most widely used Siemens PET scanner. With more than 200 installations worldwide, the EXACT has proven to be the workhorse scanner in clinics as well as research institutions. The EXACT demonstrates excellent sensitivity and resolution performance combined with unmatched clinical imaging and high patient throughput.

This scanner consists of three full rings of detectors (144 detectors, 9,216 BGO crystals) and supports both 2D and 3D acquisition modes.

The EXACT includes an unmatched patient handling system, designed expressly to minimize attenuation and to optimize whole-body scanning with a 195cm patient scanning coverage.
ECAT® is a registered trademark of CPS, Inc.

Equipment as described by Seimens 

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Siemens Biograph http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/petct-scanners/item/9-siemens-biograph.html http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/petct-scanners/item/9-siemens-biograph.html

Siemens BiographAnyway you slice it, biograph gives you more
Siemens biograph™ family integrates the industry’s highest performing CT and PET technology into one flexible, high-powered medical imaging platform, for versatility, high-image quality, and speed.

In further expanding the capabilities of our revolutionary PET/CT scanner, our goal was to design systems with breathtaking scanning speed, exceptional image quality, unprecedented clinical flexibility, enhanced patient comfort, and seamless integration and connectivity.

The biograph family achieves outstanding performance in all these areas by optimally combining the very latest PET and CT innovations on syngo® - Siemens industry-leading, multimodality software platform.

MED ENGINEERING offers you a choice for virtually unlimited imaging capabilities. Whether your specialty is oncology, cardiology, or neurology, the biograph family offers cutting-edge applications to help you make a rapid diagnosis, plan an appropriate patient care path, and increase daily patient throughput.

Text Description Provided by Seimens

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Siemens E.Cam http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/siemens-systems/item/8-siemens-ecam.html http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/siemens-systems/item/8-siemens-ecam.html

The E.Cam system is a proven performer featuring variable angle capability, on the fly uniformity corrections, advanced flexible display applications, and excellent image quality. This is a full service camera that is tailored for the heavy patient load of hospitals and yet can still be extremely effective in working through a pure cardiac imaging schedule.


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Siemens Symbia http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/siemens-systems/item/7-siemens-symbia.html http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/siemens-systems/item/7-siemens-symbia.html

Siemens Symbia


The Symbia is part of Siemens new line of gamma cameras that are being installed with and without the CT option. Currently we are offering service contracts on these SPECT and SPECT/CT systems as a part of our extended services offering. SPECT/CT systems serviced are Symbia-T, Symbia-T2, Symbia-T6, and Symbi-T16. Symbia-S is also serviced by MED ENGINEERING.

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Toshiba GCA-901/602A/HG http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/toshiba-systems/item/6-toshiba-gca-901/602a/hg.html http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/toshiba-systems/item/6-toshiba-gca-901/602a/hg.html

If your department needs a work horse system with unmatched image quality and stability, then a single head LFOV or MFOV from Toshiba can meet your needs. The 901A/HG has 107 2" PMT's in it's LFOV detector, offering imaging performance not available today. Most new LFOV systems have primarily 3" PMT's and half the density. We can even install these systems as SPECT only in smaller rooms where cardiac imaging is the majority of the scanning load or the room size offers restricted gamma camera use.

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Toshiba GCA-7000 Series http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/toshiba-systems/item/5-toshiba-gca-7000-series.html http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/toshiba-systems/item/5-toshiba-gca-7000-series.html

This Toshiba system is available in a dual head (GCA-7200) or single head (GCA-7100) configuration. It is a proven work horse and features Toshiba's Robocontour body detection system that improves system scanning sensitivity by minimizing Detector to Patient distance during the scan period. The Optotune circuit corrects for 'real time' PMT gain fluctuations on the fly which means more stable image quality. These systems are perfect for WB and cardiac gamma camera procedures.


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GE Millennium MG http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/elscint-systems/item/4-ge-millennium-mg.html http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/elscint-systems/item/4-ge-millennium-mg.html

GENIE Acquisition Computer Tower v 4.5; Rectangular Digital Correlated Signal; Enhancement detectors with Auto Tune  and Automatic Body Contouring LEHR and MEGP Collimators; Collimator Cart; Mobile Computer Cart; Integrated Power Supply (IPS); Patient Table; Xerox Phaser 8560; Color Printer; ECG Trigger; APC Smart-UPS 3600VA


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Elscint Cardial 90 Degree http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/elscint-systems/item/3-elscint-cardial-90-degree.html http://med-engineering.com/equipment/refurbished-systems/elscint-systems/item/3-elscint-cardial-90-degree.html

Are you looking for a pure cardiac gamma camera with a proven SPx front end, The Cardial can be the system you need. Designed by the top nuclear engineers in the world, manufactures of the first digital camera and still highly regarded portable systems. Elscint is now a part of GE Healthcare.

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